Bushwalking (hiking) is one of the best ways to experience the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. In fact the Blue Mountains are Australia’s most popular hiking destination. Our experienced local guides look forward to sharing their in-depth knowledge with you. We offer hikes to suit all fitness and experience levels. Your safety is our highest priority.

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Day Hikes (Full Day & Half Day Bushwalks)
Overnight Hikes & Extended Bushwalking Expeditions
Blue Mountains Grand Cliff Top Walk
Navigation Courses
Short Bushwalks
Nocturnal Activities
Group Walking Tours
Self Guided Multi-Day Walks

Wilderness Adventures bushwalking experiences are individually tailored to suit our clients needs.

Our walking tours range from short easy strolls close to town, through to challenging extended overnight expeditions. These walks visit a wide variety of ecosystems including narrow slot canyons surrounded by dense rainforest, unique standstone rock pagodas, deep river gorges, basalt mountain caps covered with tree ferns, hanging swamps and a diverse range of eucalyptus forest environments.

If you’re not sure what bushwalking is you may know it by another name. In some corners of the globe bushwalking is known as hiking, tramping, trekking, backpacking, trail walking, thru-hiking and rambling amongst many other names.