Intermediate Canyoning (Winter)

Winter Canyoning

Winter Canyons 

If you’d love to abseiling beside stunning waterfalls, but are happy to avoid swimming then a winter canyon is a great choice. These canyons are scenic, action packed and often surprise. These canyons can be visited at any time of year, but are most popular over winter when avoiding freezing cold water is a good option!

While our winter canyon adventures don’t require swimming, you’ll still get wet up to your knees for brief periods in some canyons.


Tigersnake Canyon

Tigersnake Canyon offers two pretty narrow slot sections, multiple abseils up to 28m high and beautiful remote scenery. Large rock pagodas along the walk out of the canyon are also a highlight.

This adventure is physically demanding and should only be attempted by participants with a good head for heights and previous abseiling experience is certainly recommended.


Juggler Canyon

This is an action packed, abseil frenzy. There are five abseils which start small and build up to larger overhanging drops up to 25 metres.

The walk out is via Grand Canyon and the biodiversity rich Pilcher Track.


Dione Dell

A great winter canyon for participants with strong fitness and previous abseiling experience.

Private Group Rates: 

$990  for 1 to 4 people (including GST)

$1770 for 5 to 8 people (including GST)