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Wallerawang Trout
Cox’s River Trout Fishing

Cox’s River

Cox’s River winds its way for over 100km from Ben Bullen State Forest (north of Lithgow) to Sydney’s main water storage Lake Burragorang in the Blue Mountains National Park (south of Katoomba).

All the easily accessible sections of river are upstream of its junction with Little River and are considered general trout stream and are closed to fishing from the end of the June long weekend to the start of the October long weekend. We also run trips to the lower sections of the river that are open all year round and offer some of the best trout fishing in the state particularly in the cooler months.

The Cox’s River runs through bushy granite gorges, with sections of open sandy pools adjacent to farm land in the upper reaches. This is a beautiful waterway that is really worth a visit.

We offer half day tours, full day tours and overnight expeditions to the Cox’s River. We offer expeditions which visit a number of the streams that feed Cox’s River, including Kanangra Creek and the mighty Jenolan River.

Cox's River
Cox’s River

Fish River & Duckmaloi River

The Fish River starts its flow as a series of small creeks in the hills south of Oberon at close to 1300m above sea level. It then progresses north slowly winding it’s way through farmland and forests.

Upstream of Hampton State Forest the Duckmaloi River and Bindo Creek empty into the river increasing the flow substantially.

The upper river (above Tarana) generally holds brown trout (fish of 30-50cm are not uncommon) and the lower river has mostly small but very energetic rainbow trout (average size of 25cm). This river offers delightful fishing on dry fly when insects hatch in the warmer months.

We offer half day and full day tours to the Fish River.

The Fish

Campbell’s River

The Campbells River is a general trout stream that holds some very large brown trout. The river is fed by a number of smaller creeks that flow through local forests and farm land. The river fills Ben Chifley Dam and below the dam it flows into the Fish River at which point the two rivers form the Macquarie River.

Fly fishing in the warmer months with brown beetles, hoppers, royal wulf’s, red tags and ant patterns works very well at different times. Nymphs work well in the early and late season particularly after a little rain.

The river is often effected by drought, at times it only takes two months without good rain for the pools to become isolated. At times there are large dry stretches between pools. However these pools hold enough large fish to keep you interested even in the worst drought.

Some sections of the catchment also hold redfin perch and native species.

We offer half day and full day tours to the Campbell’s River.


Kowmung River & Kanangra Walls Area

The Kowmung is a wild and largely remote mountains stream which starts at the junction of the Hollanders and Tuglow River’s South of Oberon. The river carves a winding path through the Kanangra Boyd and Blue Mountains National Parks dropping from 900m above sea level to below 200m where it meets Cox’s River, in the restricted area around Lake Burragorang.

The wild trout of the Kowmung are regarded as the healthiest fish in the region. In winter the spawning run from Lake Burragorang is legendary, yet very few fishermen have experienced it due to the remote and difficult terrain found along much of the lower reaches of the river, and the cool conditions in winter when the trout are spawning.

We run fishing tours into the most remote sections of the Kowmung River as well as other streams of the Kanangra Boyd Wilderness. These trips involve extended periods of bushwalking in remote, steep and difficult environments. The rewards for your effort is some of the most beautiful terrain imaginable and great fishing to go with it.

Most of our expeditions to the area are only suitable for experienced anglers with good fitness. We also offer full day tours to an upper section of the Kowmung River and it’s feeder creeks. These day tours are less physically demanding.

Kanangra Kanangra Area

Grose River

A remote and beautiful stream which offers both bass and trout fishing. Our tours to the Grose River mostly involve an overnight hike into a remote gorge that is rarely fished. There are wild trout or bass in abundance in the areas we visit.


Turon River

A fine location to fish for trout, carp and native species such as murray cod. Located an hours drive north west of Lithgow the Turon River is a great place for a longer day tour or an easy car based overnight camping trip.

Many More…..

The streams listed above are just a few of the locations that we visit. For more information please call or email us.

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