Introductory Canyoning

Our introductory canyoning adventures are great fun and are available on any day of the summer season (October to April), as long as we are not already booked out. You don’t need any previous canyoning experience, our guides will teach you all the skills you need.

All our canyoning tours are private experiences which means it’s just you and your guide(s) on the adventure so the day can be adjusted to suit you. We’ll take bookings for just one person or for groups of up to 10 people.

The locations we visits over summer are many and varied so if you have a particular style of canyon in mind let us know your needs so we can match you to the right adventure. We also have some great winter season canyons (May to September) where the water can be avoided if it’s to cold for swimming.

All the necessary equipment (including technical gear, wetsuits and emergency equipment), meals, drinks and everything else you’ll need is provided. All you have to bring is swimmers, comfortable clothing, any personal medication you require and a sense of adventure!


Introductory Canyon - Grand Canyon
Introductory Canyon – Grand Canyon

Below is a list of some of our favourite introductory canyoning adventures! There are many other options not listed here, so feel free to contact us for more recommendations based on your needs.

Private Group Rates: 

$990  for 1 to 4 people (including GST)

$1770 for 5 to 8 people (including GST)

$1990 for 9 to 10 people (including GST)

Popular Canyons

Abseiling & Empress Falls Canyon

Empress Falls Canyon is by far the Blue Mountains most popular canyoning location and its reputation is well deserved. This action packed adventure offers waterjumps, short swims, ancient rainforest vegetation and one of the most stunning waterfall abseils you’ll find in any canyon in the Bluey’s.

Our introductory adventure to Empress Falls Canyon starts with a warm up abseil session with stunning views and a chance to hone your abseiling skills before the canyon. The warmup abseils start small and build up in difficulty to include overhanging drops. You’ll receive  detailed coaching and safety training from our expert guides. Your confidence will be peaking just in time for the canyon.

After a bite to eat near Wentworth Falls, it’s a short downhill walk to reach the start of the canyon. After an important safety briefing you’ll be on your way through the canyon with a series of waterjumps, down climbs and short swims. The second half of the canyon is lined with ferns and rainforest plants.

The exhilarating climax to your adventure is abseiling down the stunning Empress Falls. A moment you’ll never forget. From the base of the falls it’s a short uphill walk back to the car park.


(Minimum booking 1 person / Maximum 10 people per tour group / Maximum 20 people per day in total – tour groups are split by at least 30 minutes)

Empress Falls
Empress Falls Canyon near Wentworth Falls Village

Sheep Dip & Rocky Creek

This is one of the most action packed canyoning adventures we offer. While there is no abseiling, you’ll find plenty of slides and waterjumps to get your heart pumping. There are a few short roped down-climbs, as well as some of the most stunningly beautiful canyon terrain you’ll find anywhere. Most of our guides rate this in their top 5 favourite canyons and our clients rate it even higher.

(Minimum booking 1 person / Maximum 10 people per tour group / Maximum 20 people per day in total – tour groups are split by at least 30 minutes)

Sheep Dip & Rocky Creek Canyon Tour
Sheep Dip & Rocky Creek Canyon

Fortress Canyon

The hike into Fortress Canyon offers some lovely panoramic views before descending to Fortress Creek. Once here a you’ll change into a wetsuit and waterproof your dry cloths before walking, scrambling and swimming downstream through an open and varied waterway filled with tadpoles and crayfish.

The interesting rock overhangs and open forest eventually transform into a slot canyon. There is one water jump (3 to 4 metres high) and a small waterfall abseil (approximately 6 to 7 metres high) near the end of the canyon.

The most visually stunning point on the journey involves standing atop a large waterfall were Fortress Creek plunges into the deep valley below. You’ll exit the canyon from the top of this waterfall so we typically get changed back into our dry cloths and enjoy our lunch at this beautiful location.

The bushwalk back to the carpark via Fortress Ridge also offers amazing scenery and typically takes around 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete.

(Minimum booking 1 person / Maximum 10 people per tour group / Maximum 20 people per day in total – tour groups are split by at least 30 minutes)

Looking at Fortress Ridge and Fortress Falls
Looking at Fortress Ridge and Fortress Falls

Grand Canyon

This stunning canyon located near Blackheath kicks off with an easy overhanging abseil of just under 20 metres. Once you’ve descended into the canyon you’ll swim, wade and scramble your way through the deep slot lined with lush green ferns. You’ll be blown away by the way the light strikes the shimmering canyon walls. It’s endlessly eye catching!

The walk to and from the canyon is on a world class hiking track which offers some lovely scenery in its own right. The walk in and out take approximately 50 minutes each way.

(Minimum booking 1 person / Maximum 10 people per tour group / Maximum 20 people per day in total – tour groups are split by at least 30 minutes)

Narrow Slot Canyon Tour
Blackheath Canyoning Adventure

Deep Pass Canyon

Deep Pass Canyon is one of the few canyons we can visit all year round, as swimming is optional, which means the deep water can be avoided in the winter months. It’s a beautiful canyon which is perfect for first time canyoners, adventurous kids and small groups keen to get away from it all. The grassy valley at the end of the canyon is a great place to relax in the sun and take in the local wildlife. There are optional water jumps and natural water slides for those visiting in summer.

We also run camping experiences to Deep Pass for those wanting to spend a night out in this beautiful hidden valley. Camping trips are charged at a higher rate.

(Minimum booking 1 person / Maximum 10 people per tour group / Maximum 20 people per day in total – tour groups are split by at least 30 minutes)


Waterfall Deep Pass Canyon
Waterfall Deep Pass Canyon