Introductory Canyoning (Winter)

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Deep Pass Canyon

Deep Pass Canyon is one of the few canyons we can visit all year round, as swimming is optional, which means the deep water can be avoided in the winter months. It’s a beautiful canyon which is perfect for first time canyoners, adventurous kids and small groups keen to get away from it all. The grassy valley at the end of the canyon is a great place to relax in the sun and take in the local wildlife. There are optional water jumps and natural water slides for those visiting in summer.

We also run camping experiences to Deep Pass for those wanting to spend a night out in this beautiful hidden valley. Camping trips are charged at a higher rate.

(Minimum booking 1 person / Maximum 10 people per tour group / Maximum 20 people per day in total – tour groups are split by at least 30 minutes)


Waterfall Deep Pass Canyon
Waterfall Deep Pass Canyon

Other great winter canyons for beginners include include Joes Canyon, Dalpura Canyon, The Dry Canyon (Wolgan View), Jenolan Gorge, Hellgate Gorge, Breakfast Creek, plus many more.